Look it up!

The internet is a wonderful source of information; you can literally look up anything. A few years ago I bought my first smartphone, a Blackberry. I loved having information at my fingertips, ready to take on the world with a pocket sized encyclopedia. About a year ago I bought my first iPhone. I was adamantly against Apple products for years, seeing them as a form of submitting to societies pressures of fitting in. However, when it came time to renew my phone plan my brother became persistent about me purchasing an iPhone. And you know what? I sort of love the damn thing. Yes, I can’t really customize it. Yes, I feel like an ass who doesn’t know anything about technology. Yes, I feel like a douche when I purchase iPhone covers for my extremely fragile phone. But all of that is worth the grief because my phone never dies, it never has glitches, and it is pretty.


Back home my parents have a laptop but they are running on dial-up. DIAL-UP! It is the most absurd thing my parents do and they do a lot of absurd things. Anyway, my mom is a very curious creature. She cannot watch a movie without questioning Every. Single. Detail. It is frustrating and annoying, but dammit, I love her. Once my mother realized I can look up pretty much anything on my phone she began taking advantage of me. Here is a list from the past MONTH of the things my mom has asked me to look up. Enjoy!

Things I have had to “look up” for my mom:

• Who played John Gage on Emergency?
• Interesting facts on Normal Rockwell.
• Is Gloria Henry still alive?
• What year was the Anderson Spitfire airplane motor made?
• Who played “Birdy” in the film Birdy?
• Can you print photos from your phone?
• Was there a fire at our local Wal-Mart?
• What movie was Christopher Walken in with Sean Connery?
• What country does the name Anderson come from? Lewis? Wargo?
• What is the difference between burglary and robbery?
• What castle is Downton Abbey filmed at? How many bedrooms?
• Look up “Who does the bell toll? It tolls for thee…” What is the rest of the poem?
• Bette Davis was on an episode of Perry Mason. Who was the male co-star?
• Turned channel on t.v. and guy mentioned actor being from Ravenna, Ohio. Who was the actor?
• What is the movie staring both Wilson brothers? They are running from the law.
• When did Elizabeth Montgomery, from Bewitched, die? Age? Cause of death?

That list pretty much sums up my mother…